Cyber Security

The news has been filled this last year with reports of data breaches and exposed vulnerabilities.  Research conducted by Identity Theft Resource Center has found that an average of two data breaches have been reported every day this year.  Data breaches can be costly and embarrassing.  So how are attackers getting in and what can you do to protect your business?  Here is a list of the Top 10 Online threats as found by the Open Web Application Security Project.

That little padlock in our browser bar--we've all seen it while shopping online and have been warned by our banks to look for it.  But what does that little padlock really mean?  Most people will tell you it means the website is "secure".  But what does that mean?  Secure? 


Your password is the locked door to all of your e-mail, web-accounts, and more.  Just like you wouldn't make it easy for someone to unlock the door to your home, a good password keeps others from easily accessing your information.  When you are picking your password keep the following things in mind:

Email Safety

E-mail is great for communication because it allows people to send messages quickly for little or no cost.  However, sometimes e-mail is used to trick and/or harm their computers.  Here are some tips for keeping harmful e-mail in the trash where they belong.

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